Superconscious Store Berlin







Design, Fixtures, Layouts and Floorplans, Sigange, Production


Daham Choi
A new retail concept was developed for Berlin-based streetwear store and brand Superconscious in collaboration with creative agency Exalis.

The store was designed from the ground-up and our aim was to create a visually arresting space that would stand out on Berlin’s fashionable Torstrasse. 

Crisp, minimalist fixtures were created to give a modern, space-age aesthetic, with splashes of bright colour to add a touch of liveliness. The smooth, matte surfaces of the furnishings are contrasted with elements in raw timber, sandblasted steel mesh and shag carpet to add tactility and texture. The result is a unique store with a distinct personalty that provides an effective showcase for the carefully-curated selection of shoes, clothing and accessories available at Superconscious.